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Problem & Solution: Your software does not fit your business

  • The software isn’t adapted to our needs
  • It will be prohibitively expensive to adapt our current software to do what we need
  • We want to change our business but our software is holding us back
  • We are a unique business of unique people and our software doesn’t reflect this
  • We’ve been quoted $$$ for customized software and our business can't afford this
See the Capable.Co solution
  • You can set up your records as you might in a spreadsheet program
  • We guide you to link your Records together
  • Easily add Processes and Forms to work with your Records
  • Coordinate your Teams with those Processes and Forms
  • Flexible Views and Calendars can be created live from your data
  • Setup our simple to use jigsaw puzzle like Triggers and Actions for your specific business' needs
  • Capable.Co's pricing structure ensures you only pay for what you use (no lock-in contracts)
  • The Capable.Co team can consult if you need it
  • Video: Create your First Organization


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