Overview of Pricing

In this description of pricing, 'service' or 'system' will refer to service provided to you by CapableCo Pty Ltd. All pricing is in $US.

There is no price to create an Organization within the system. You may in fact create more than one Organization with your login. Billing is specific to each Organization.

When you first create an Organization, you will start with a $5 credit. This allows limited usage only (as described below). For full usage you then need to pay a subscription for that Organization.

The subscription is a prepaid arrangement. Each month you are billed the subscription amount. If you choose a $100/month subscription, you will be charged $100 for usage of the service (unless you exceed your limit). Any residual subscription amount you pay does not 'rollover' to the next month.

As a consequence of the above, there are limits on how much you can use the service each month before the subscription amount is exhausted. Like with a Mobile Phone balance, your credit goes down with usage of the service. If you are on a $100 subscription, each month your balance goes up by $100 (at the time of payment), and then goes down steadily as you use the service.

The exact price for each action is defined in the Details - Technical section below.

There are 3 categories of things you may be charged for: 1. Actions (as above); 2. Backup; 3. Special items (e.g. sending SMS).

Should your balance reach zero, you have 2 options to choose from. The first option is that the functionality stops, and you stop being charged. The second is that you allow your balance to become negative. In this case the service will charge you at twice the rate per 'action' that it would charge you if your balance was positive.
This arrangement exists because we do not wish to be creditors.

Free Credit

Each newly created Organization comes with a $5 balance. This free 'balance' is aimed at allowing you to experiment with new business structures to find the best one for your business.
This initial trial usage has restrictions including the fact that you may not send SMS/Text messages nor emails (we may in future allow limited SMS/Texts and/or emails for demonstrative purposes only).

Paying a Subscription

If you are not sure how to activate a subscription with us please see the following Step-by-step instructions at the Discussion Board.

Use Cases

These are typical spends we have seen with small businesses.

  • Tradesman with Office: Capable.Co as Primary System for Storing Jobs, Invoice Data etc - 5 days, Mobile Access plus Single fixed Computer with View and Appointments Calendar. Approx $20-50/month.
  • Vet Surgery (4 staff): Capable.Co as Primary System for Storing Patient, Stock, Invoice Data etc - Open 6 days, Sending SMS reminders, Multiple computers with Views and Appointment and Reminder Calendars. Open typically 0700-1900 6 days per week: Approx $200/month.

Details - Technical

  • A single load of a record of typical size (<10k) will cost 0.0118 cents
  • A single save of a record of typical size will cost 0.118 cents
  • Safe Backups of database 6 hourly incl. daily full record Snapshots 2.941 cents per 1000 records/day.

Special Items

There are certain items that incur a specific charge of significance.

  • SMS/Text Messages (first 160 chars):
    Our Pricing reflects the fact that some countries have higher phone carrier costs.
    E.g. USA will be $US0.075 per text vs Australia being $US0.113.

  • Emails:
    With footer message: $US0.01
    Without footer message: $US0.001
    (*Footer message refers to the Capable.Co logo and link.)

  • GeoCoding features: $US0.001

  • Direct consulting for 1-on-1 setup of your system: TBA - please contact us
    NOTE: Our aim is to empower you to setup for yourself (make YOU capable)!
    To organize direct consulting, please contact us through the website

Feature Requests

Since we are continuously working towards the 'perfect' multipurpose business building block system, we will always have a list of requests for new features.
We add features to the system in response to perceived demand. If a certain feature will benefit more users of the system, it has a higher priority than an alternative feature.

If your business has a particular need for a feature that you feel is not in the system please feel free to ask us about it.

It pays to request features!
Firstly, there is a high likelihood that we can solve your problem or that the feature is already in there but you have not found it.

Secondly, if you make the request, it adds weight to the idea that more users want it, so bumps it up our task list.

Finally, if you wish for us to work on it 'NOW', please contact us with a description of what is needed and we can quote you a price and time of completion. If we fail to meet the date of completion, we will discount our price to you by 50% for each 50% overrun. Our rate for adding Custom features is the Direct Consulting Rate (see prior section). Adding custom features does not entitle you to ownership of the feature.

Other Points to Note

  • We may, from time to time, change these rates. You are responsible for regularly checking for updates to this pricing system AND we will make reasonable efforts to email you at the time of any changes of significance..

  • The exact number of records that need to be loaded, in order to perform a given function is variable. Showing a record to you... such as a customer record, will commonly require us to load at least 1 other record to know such things as how to show the record and check whether the user has the rights to access it...

  • You are recommended to USE the system for a block of time (FREE tier only if you like) if you need to calculate the price of your exact use case. Your 'balance' can be seen over time in the Administrator overview window.
    Generally, the benefits that you will gain by using CapableCo and problems you will solve will far outweigh any cost.

    We are not trying to lock you in with contracts. You may alter/cancel your subscription(s) anytime.
    Given that we are a cloud service we can be much more efficient, AND secure than alternative arrangements.
    We expect most of you will be in for a pleasant surprise (especially compared to the expenses most of you are currently experiencing!).