Great Teams generate value for Customers by working together like CLOCKWORK!
Many businesses systems for doing things disappoint customers regularly...

'Information Systems' should be an 'enabler' in the search for competitive advantage'
Typical Business software is an obstruction between the Team Leader and the ability to experimentally iterate improvements to their business.

Background Explanation

Perfect Teamwork comes from many, many small experiments. Most changes have unintended consequences and the change needs refinement OR rolling back (most great learning comes from failures - 'flearning').
Most businesses will make a change, it causes new problems which only the staff notice, pain and worse outcomes occur until finally even the manager finds out about it, and then the next change is instituted.

Ideally, before and after benchmarks should prove a change is better OR, more likely, will provide a learning experience that helps decide your 'next move'. Unfortunately most organisations do not have the numbers 'before change' and 'do not have time' to collect numbers 'after change'. Old fashioned justifications for unproven changes cause medium term injury to the organisation and manager concerned.

In most businesses the 'IT' systems are not a part of most small changes, or worse still, they are a thing that is bypassed when change is required.

What is needed is a system which is TRULY flexible AND also, REALLY easy to use. The system automatically collects the data needed for before after comparisons, without any effort on the leader's part.

Think iteration, modifications, before-after comparisons, updates and rollbacks all with little or no effort BUT with lots of flearning opportunities! True Leaders progressively iterate the way their business runs, to make it into something superior to competitors.

Capable.Co is closer to this ideal than any other product we are aware of.
Each day at Capable.Co we iterate closer to being your perfect business lego !!


Adrian Ternouth - CEO


Adrian Ternouth - CEO

Business Qualifications: QLD University of Technology, Brisbane
Information Systems Qualifications: University of Technology, Sydney
Medical Qualifications: Queensland University, Australasian College Emergency Medicine

Andrew Mee - Technical Director

Creative thinker and top to bottom system designer including Web 2.0 interface and Database Design.
MongoDb and Cloud Evangelist.
Long history working with highly sensitive secure credit systems.
Significant Startup Experience.